So call me hysterical

I’m one of those so-called “real Americans” (family here since the late 1600s, etc.). (I take strong objection to the term “real” in this context, but let that alone for now.) But by marriage, friendship, and profession I am tightly linked to a lot of survivors of authoritarianism, and I’m inclined to believe this open letter over the “oh come on, it will blow over” school of clueless optimists to which I, by habit and inclination, would otherwise belong.

One thought on “So call me hysterical

  1. I used up my last free article on that site, so I can’t return to it. But basically this sounds like a fait accompli if true; it seems as though there’s little that we as individuals could do that would make up the deficit suggested. Biden is not growing any more brain cells. His advisors have all the strategic vision of Hillary’s advisors — they’re mostly the same people. How would we convince him to use the word “fascist”? A letter-writing campaign via the USPS? Emails to his black-hole email address that sends you back begging letters?

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