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Printculture was created in 2004 by a group of crazy kids with a dream. By 2009 most of those kids were exhausted, and Printculture was kept alive by the intrepid efforts of the Tennessee heartthrob Haun Saussy and his gang of hilarious foreign sidekicks. In 2012, inspired by the prospect of giving up their available free time to write posts for Printculture’s tens of readers, an almost entirely new group of crazy kids (these ones, however, dreamless) signed up to be part of a Printculture renaissance.

Birthing itself vernally from the head of the wizened, original blogzine, Printculture 2.0 launched in October 2012. Depending on when you are reading this, it may still be going.  Or we may have simply left another mess for Haun to clean up.

The current Printculture team includes:

Jonathan Cohen / Freelance writer and editor; literacy tutor with delusions of efficacy; reformed intellectual hooligan.

Victor Fan / A Martian feline creature that tramples on the field of film and media studies, lecturing secretly coded theoretical thoughts on the GAZE, football, opium and other kinds of delightful queer pleasures to the new British generation at King’s College London.

Eric Hayot / Professor of Comparative Literature and Asian Studies at Penn State; avid cyclist; author of On Literary Worlds; proud dad; lover of camel trivia; suspiciously frequent maker of penis jokes.

Soo La Kim / Academic Affairs staff at Columbia College Chicago; writing consultant; mother of two

Jennifer Lee / Executive in charge of the Unaccomplished; repentant former member of the Non Dancing Contingent, Official Gangnam representative, mother of three

Roblin Meeks / Director of Curriculum at Hunter College, CUNY; lapsed professional philosopher; father of two; Assistant Dean of Ice-Cream. Also writes stuff at the dorsal stream.

Carla Nappi / Canada Research Chair of Early Modern Studies and Assistant Prof of History at UBC; host of New Books in East Asian Studies; co-host of New Books in Science, Technology, & Society; sensualist; occasional Tweeter; perpetrator of shenanigans

Haun Saussy / known to some as Papa; fond of cycling; allergic to boredom, his own as well as others’; brakes for the bucolic diaresis; also University Professor in the University of Chicago.

Olga Solovieva / Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at UChicago, a good enough mother of three, a theorist of subversion, and a devout Zavtrabud(dh)ist.

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