Art and Life

Pursuant to IRS Circular #[redacted], please be informed that following the publication of your memoir, your entire life is deductible as a business expense.

2 thoughts on “Art and Life

  1. Every once in a while. in the popular press, I see a figure which purports to be the total cost of raising a middle-class child from birth to the end of high school. The last time I saw such a thing, it was $310,000, Then there’s college, which adds another $200,000. So now we’re up to age 20. There is next a little figuring to do about graduate school of the pre-professional, non-professional, or un-professional sort, but let’s say, $100,000 and up, minus fellowships. From there on in, it’s bank statements all the way, cash-in and cash-out. So you can arrive at a figure, but the IRS may ask you to factor in depreciation (not to mention deprecation), and may cap your deductions with respect to your actual income. Let’s face it: the house (here, the IRS) always wins.

  2. Learn to be self-depreciating! It’s the key to transcending obsolescence before the warranty expires!

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