The Historian and the Etymologist: An Experimental Twitter Essay

In the spirit of experimenting with media, I’m going to write an academic essay on Twitter. Because why not? Let’s play a little with form.
I’m not going to write it ahead of time and just post it after-the-fact in 140ish-character chunks: that seems contrary to the spirit of the medium, which is about immediacy and simultaneity of writing/reading and nowness and against significant editing.
I’m not sure how long it will be, but I’ll indicate when it’s done. Ideally, this will be something that will be meaningful if read forwards (from the bottom of the Twitter screen up) and backwards (from the top down). We’ll see how it goes.
The hashtag for this is going to be #etym1
I’m on Twitter here:

3 thoughts on “The Historian and the Etymologist: An Experimental Twitter Essay

  1. Thanks, Team. Eric: it’s ongoing – I’m trying to write it in real time instead of posting things I’ve written in advance, so it’ll extend across several days or a couple of weeks. It’ll be clear when it’s done!

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