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One thought on “The Grey Lady Chooses Sides

  1. Unfortunately, this problem is an all pervasive trend in the American corporate society of today. Think of teachers, service workers, shop assistants, etc. This backlash at the labor in general brings us well back to the good old nineteenth century with all its problems as well as with its cultural criticism. Your piece reads like a great up-date on Lev Tolstoy’s “What is Art?” As you remember, for Tolstoy the opera in general, and Wagnerian opera in particular, stood for this hypocritical exploitative nature of capitalism sugarcoated as culture. And I do share his sentiment: the same kind of exploitation of workers by Walmart and by the Met, in the Met’s case appears somehow much more revolting because we still associate notions of generosity and fairness with education and culture – wrongly, alas. Jean-Jacques Rousseau comes to mind too.

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