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3 thoughts on “Reviewing Scholarly Books

  1. I always appreciate book reviews that starts with an assessment on the book’s contribution to the field followed by a critique of the materials, evidence, and methodology (the bulk of the review) and ends with what could have been done differently (max length 1 paragraph).
    Your way of writing reviews is more like writing critical essays or weekly responses written for a course on a book that everybody has read, NOT for the newly published ones.
    But now that you’ve laid out the ground rules, I can see why some book reviews totally lost me.

  2. Word to the wise: “Remember that people who are even faintly interested in a book can call up an image of its table of contents from Amazon or the publisher in a matter of seconds.”

  3. I also write a lot of book reviews, even, if I’m not mistaken, for the “Journal Which Shall Remain Nameless.” My take on the academic book review is that it’s like a form poem, which is to say that its success or failure depends on the writer’s engagement with or rejection of the ideals of the form (and in a form poem, rejection is a form of engagement). My guess is that if everyone broke from the formal requirements like Paul de Man, even Paul de Man’s reviews would end up being less compelling (I can think of some reviews I’ve read that wandered off so much it made me wonder if the reviewer had read the book, or wasn’t afraid of saying what she or he really thought of the book in question).

    It’s certainly true that anyone can call up the table of contents of a given book, but the table of contents doesn’t necessarily offer any details of the thread of the argument–and that’s what, as a reader, I’m interested in most. I don’t read academic reviews to see if I’m going to buy a book, but rather to look for insight into the argument of a book I either will read or have read in whole or in part, to see how the reviewer’s ideas on the book and the topic in question triangulate with those of the book’s authors and my own. Academic books often offer intricate, complicated arguments, and often offer a lot of disjointed nonsense; while it may be “injurious to inventory the chapter contents one after another” without offering any context or evaluation, it may also be injurious not to inventory the contents of the argument, explaining or critiquing in the process the way it works or doesn’t.

    I’m not sure if this is what you meant or not by “inventory[ing] the chapter contents,” but at any rate, I see this as one of the benefits of the form of the academic book review.


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