Read to Me #1: The very last sentence

For the first in what might wind up being a series of short podcasts on reading and writing, I make you some tea and read to you. This time, it’s a short piece on mimes, women, and string. I frame it with a brief explanation that involves an obscene eggplant head. You can check it out here.


3 thoughts on “Read to Me #1: The very last sentence

  1. Right? I keep rereading it. There’s something about the audience members with their little brown packets of string that’s exceptionally creepy.

  2. …and I like many of the middle sentences, like “unsuccessfully willing them to write down his words.” I love thinking about unsuccessfully willing somebody to do something. And why garlic? Why then? I get it. I get the description you give in your into. Love. 🙂

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