Pedaling Through the Gloom

I like things that work with pedals. So naturally I would be drawn to these old-timey bomb shelters with foot-powered ventilation systems. Low Tech and No Tech, two blogs locked in infinite dialectical regress (oh, if we could just attach a transmission belt to that feedback loop!), will help you think about what to do when personal autonomy is no longer an ideal, but a necessity. Let’s see some leg motion now!

2 thoughts on “Pedaling Through the Gloom

  1. Thanks Haun, this is a very useful pair of blogs! The WWII air-raid shelter reminded me that there is a company in India from which you can supposedly acquire a nuclear power plant! Amazing what one can find if one looks carefully enough!

    It puzzles me that so many supposed “environmentalists” genuinely believe that they could survive if they tear down the whole of civilisation, technology and all, and return to scavenging. This is a view I find quite abhorrent, as many of these “doomers” seem to be quite unconcerned that this approach will have a collateral cost of billions of lives…some of them haven’t even considered the smell of such carnage!

    Oh, heard on the radio today, the newest concept, fresh out of the mill, appears to be “sustainable change.” Think about it!

    1. The trick is whether the pedaling effort generates more CO2 than it’s worth, in terms of fresh air brought in by the effort; and that depends on how many people are in the bunker. It was simpler when Hobbes was writing the script.

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