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2 thoughts on “On the Phone

  1. Hello Haun,

    This is Darwin, whom you’ve met this past April in NYC at the “China and the Human” conference for Social Text. Hope you are doing well.

    For me personally, the use of sinophone carries an inclusive aim: as a way to combat the hierarchical claim of Big China’s literary output over those of other Chinese-language writing locales. However, it seems that – as you’ve pointed out – the concept of the sinophone ironically pushes away from what it is that really makes it a unifying thing, which is the gramo-centrism of Chinese writing. As opposed to logocentrism where writing is secondary to sound, the sounds of various Chinese topolects are conditioned and subject to the form of writing (I guess this is one of Jing Tsu’s points in “Sound and Script”). While sino-graphemic writing is unified by the lowest common denominator that it partakes in a body of Chinese script, they are also ineluctably conditioned by the local situatedness of the writing. So, for me it seems that the sinophone could be helpfully supplemented by the idea of a “minor literature” where non-Chinese languages (or its topolects) percolate into the scripts, while still retaining their quality as “sinophone” writing. The Tibetan-Sichuan writer Alai, or even Taiwan’s Wu He, would be examples where other languages – Tibetan and Taiwanese Minnan – complicate or supplement what could be constituted as the sinophone.

    For the non-Chinese script writing happening in what you call the sinophonie, perhaps “minority literature” would do just as well. Maybe there could be a category called “East Asian Continental writing” to give minority literatures on the mainland some more weight.

    Bunch of scattered thoughts, ’tis all.

  2. I just returned from the Association of Chinese & Comparative Literature conference at Academia Sinica, where the theme was “Global Sinophonia” and discussions like this roamed the halls like bison on the nineteenth century plains. Someone even asked, bluntly, “Is there a difference between ‘Chinese literature’ and ‘literature in Chinese?'”

    When I hear the division of “francophone” from French I writhe because it seems like a top-down division created to distinguish the authentic from the merely colonized, and as such reiterates those colonial distinctions as it refuses equality amongst the diversity of French speakers and writers and readers. When I hear “Sinophone” as distinct from Chinese, though, I sense that it’s motivated by a counter-hegemonic standpoint, so I’m less bothered by its politics. Less bothered, but not uncritical: if the point of the “sinophone” is, as Darwin puts it, “to combat the hierarchical claim of Big China’s literary output over those of other Chinese-language writing locales,” then shouldn’t it do so by absorbing Big China into Bigger Sinophonia, removing the centrality of the ‘Middle Kingdom’ and insisting that it be just one in an centerless crowd?

    In other words, there may be a practical and political difference between “Chinese literature” and “literature in Chinese,” but we can decide to push beyond that, and insist that China not have the last word–or ideograph–in defining that distinction. Of course, if we do that, with “we” defined by a number of academics and intellectuals who may or may not live in China and speak Chinese as a first language, it’s not like (the important) people in China are going to acknowledge our collective viewpoint and enact policy changes that halt its claims to centrality and defining the breadth and depth of Chinese culture according to its own terms just because we say so.


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