Not Lighting A Yahrzeit Candle For This One

Richmond Jewish Confederate War Memorial

Confederate Jewish war memorial at a cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. Photo by Janet Greenberg

3 thoughts on “Not Lighting A Yahrzeit Candle For This One

  1. This is odd: not that there were Jews in the Confederacy (we all remember Judah Benjamin), but that this bronze plaque seems of recent date and carries such a strange transliteration. “Shemang”? Looks to me like a transcription from memory by someone who had not seen the prayers in Latin letters before. I would be curious to know who decided to put it up.

  2. The errors in the transliteration, of which there were several, were not lost on me. I do wonder if this monument could have been erected by a non-Jew. The alternative is not a happy one.

  3. I should add the caption I was thinking of last night, when my reptile cortex took over:

    “Erected by members of a people who, 2,500 years ago, were enmired in slavery so profound that it took the Hand of God to liberate them.”

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