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4 thoughts on “Clay Shirky on Higher Education and the MOOCs

  1. Like you DFox I worry about the future of university education and the impact of online courses. I have never taught online and am feeling some kind of slow drift towards having to, in order to truly understand the new system.

    I think the big issue is CREDIT. If someone just wants to learn stuff, well, then the recorded lecture is a longstanding tool for that (think of the Justice series on PBS… or…. books!). If they want credit (and credit by a reputable institution, which means standards, serious attempts to avoid cheating, etc) then I don’t see how online teaching saves much work–the grading remains the same, unless the tests are all automated (but then: cheating, plus, no rigor = suspicious credit), and if you’re ethically serious about education, you have to have office hours, some kind of online discussion, and so on. So you’re back to CLOSE to square one, with the advantage that much of this can be asychronous and distributed, which of course is a huge advantage b/c it lets all kinds of people earn credit, but not a huge advantage financially–which is *kind of* the point, no?

    Two more thoughts before I go:

    1. At Penn State many onlnie courses are taught by adjuncts, very few by tenure-line faculty. This makes the economics better but they’re just the same as the economics of adjuncting more generally… the advantage for Penn State is that it doesn’t have a large population of people here in central PA to take evening courses (or “executive MBA” programs) so this allows Penn State to play in a game (via online) that many universities (including those that offer 40 students a year a $40,000 Master’s degree in English — Chicago and Columbia, e.g.) are already playing.

    2. Anything that destroys the University of Phoenix and its ilk is almost certainly a good idea.

  2. A timely post for me, both the Shirky and this take on it. I’m helping a faculty member develop a MOOC-like “course” here that’ll be just open to the college community and run through our learning management system. I’m deeply ambivalent about online learning but there’s no doubt it’s here to stay and will radically alter the higher ed landscape.

    Just so I could learn more about MOOCs, I signed up for one on Coursera. I’ve only watched a couple of lecture segments and done a couple of quizzes, so I don’t have much to report yet, but two quick thoughts:
    1. Clearly, MOOCs have a long way to go in terms of quality and quality control. Right now, it still feels pretty clunky.
    2. There will be fewer faculty trained in specialized disciplines, but there will be many more instructional designers, curriculum specialists, assessment specialists, etc. (or what Coursera calls “Content Operations Specialists”) to help those faculty put their expertise online. This is already happening of course, but this trend will only accelerate.

  3. Over on the Twitter, @zunguzungu points to an Phentermine Illegal Buy Online by Bob Samuels.

    Short version: Compared to the current in-person model, no cost savings in the short run and, depending on the technology, substantial investments may be required. Potentially very little cost savings in the long run…. more grist for e.hayot’s point above.

  4. As with so many adminsitrative adventures, my fear is that this is also part of the general trend in which resources shift away from faculty (both teachers and researches) and end up pouring into upper- (but not quite *top*-) and mid-level administration. We already have multiple positions devoted to online course design and management in the College–though of course these pay for themselves, largely through revenue generated by online courses…

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